Ready for the ‘Big One?’ Your Citizen Corps is holding a comprehensive emergency preparedness simulation

  • Written by Valley View Staff

CARNATION-DUVALL– Seismic specialists tell us a major earthquake for our area is due — even overdue!

Your Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps is doing its part, including over 500 of your neighbors. Preparedness will minimize injury and better protect your pets, property and possessions.

During the morning of September 28th, Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps will run a combined exercise of CERT – Community Emergency Response Team; CDMRC – Carnation-Duvall Medical Reserve Corps; SnoVARC – Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club; our local fire departments and hospitals – Snoqualmie Valley and Valley General; and King County Office of Emergency Management.

Community Emergency Response Team –

We have trained over 400 of your neighbors in CERT skills including disaster awareness, small fire suppression, light search and rescue, triage, disaster medical response and disaster psychology.  The exercise will test those skills in as close to the real thing as we can simulate.

Carnation-Duvall Medical Reserve Corps

– 99 of your neighbors are on the CDMRC roster.  Medical and non-medical volunteers are trained to respond to Public Health emergencies and to assist first responders during and after disaster.  If you want to make sure your retired or active medical experience is put to use when the roads are impassable and you can’t get to work, we want you; if you have no medical experience, but you want to help those that do, we want you, too.  In the exercise, CDMRC members will accept the victims, perform a second triage, and provide treatment in a simulated Field Treatment Center.  (Did you know there are 5 CDMRC Field Treatment Centers in our community?)

Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club

– SnoVARC covers our valley with repeaters enabling over 30 hams to communicate with first responders and each other during an emergency.  During the exercise, hams will coordinate radio communications between CERTs and CDMRC at the disaster site, our fire departments and local hospitals.

If you are a CERT, a member of CDMRC or a SnoVARC ham, answer the call: turn out for the exercise. Contact and sign up with your leadership.  You can always make contact and get more details by emailing info@carnationduvall

Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps Council brings all those programs together for community safety.  Check us out on the web at www.carnationduvall  You will find links there to CERT, CDMRC and SnoVARC.

Preparing yourself and your home

– Go to for tips on what to set aside for that "dark and stormy night;"  it might last a few days or more.  Start now.  Make a plan; make a kit; be informed.  Be prepared. And join Citizen Corps, too.

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