Aaron Keith wins time trials at Para-Cycling World Championships

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Sports Writer

Aaron KeithPhoto courtesy of Aaron Keith. Woodinville’s Aaron Keith (center) celebrates his victory in the time trials at the recent para-cycling World Championships in Quebec.Woodinville’s Aaron Keith has done it again. Having already won two World Cup titles for para-cycling in 2013, the 42-year old chiropractor recently won the time trials event at the UCI Road World Championships in Baie-Comeau, Quebec.

In the world of para-cycling, the athletes are broken up into five different classifications. C1 is the most disabled, and C5 is the least. Aaron Keith qualifies in the C2 category due to paralysis below both his knees.

When we last heard from him back in June, he’d won a World Cup title in Merano, Italy. He then followed that up with another title in Matane, Quebec last month. Finally, in Baie-Comeau, the cycling season concluded happily for Keith with the World Championships.

"It was definitely different," he said. "It was what we call a more technical circuit. Two laps of a circuit that started off directly with a hill of about a mile and a half. Then leading into city streets where you had to corner at high speed and through potholes and bumps and everything that gave us a lot of problems. And it was wet as well, so it definitely makes it interesting on two wheels. There are more crashes and more people going off course because they couldn’t negotiate the corners.

"More typical what you would see in auto racing on a wet circuit, where guys are going off course and missing corners, and that was exactly what we were facing."  

And what was Keith’s most gratifying moment this time around? 

"Racing in Baie-Comeau at the World Championships and having my father there," he said. "He hasn’t seen me race very much. He actually got to ride in the follow vehicle. My coach and I had radios in our ears, and my coach was talking to me over the radio. But my dad was also behind me in the follow vehicle with the spare bike and spare wheels and stuff in case something happened to me."

Keith was asked if his dad encouraged him along the way to victory. "He wasn’t allowed to speak, according to my coach," Keith said with a chuckle. "But he was yelling out the window. I could hear him a couple of times."

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