Oh Deer!

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This well-worn phrase has been expressed in countless different ways.  By children or hikers in the wilderness – it is said in breathless amazement. By gardeners – it’s generally expressed in frustration, as we survey what’s left of our yard after deer have used it as an "All You Can Eat Bambi Buffet!"

Deer are becoming a fixture in more populated areas.  And – they create significant landscape damage in gardens year after year. So what can you do to protect your plants from these pesky picnickers?

Some people use the barrier method: deer fencing, netting  and even motion-controlled water-jets, (which can be fun to watch!) Others use deer repellent, which targets a deer’s sense of smell or taste.  Repellents come in spray and granule form and there is even a brand new systemic form that comes in tablets. The tablets are buried in the soil, and the repellant is absorbed throughout the plant – making it inedible.

Molbak’s believes, the most effective way to deter deer from snacking, is to make your landscape as unappetizing as possible and send them packing. But you don’t have to give up color, texture and beauty to do it.  We’ve gathered a collection of gorgeous deer-resistant plants, groundcovers, shrubs, grasses and conifers that will have your uninvited dinner guests high-tailing it back to the woods!

Bergenias or Pigsqueak

These shady evergreen perennial superstars sport pink blossoms in spring, and bold leaves that tint red in fall to perk up borders, create a textured groundcover or shine as easy-care edging.  Deer turn up their noses at Pigsqueak, and pass them up for more succulent dishes.


Is it the texture or the taste that takes these drought-tolerant grasses off the "Deer Menu?" Not only do they add color and movement, they are virtually carefree!  Cover tough, dry spots with these evergreen grasses, avoided by both deer and rabbits.

Luminous wintertime wonders – Hellebores send deer packing.  Even though these feisty perennials bloom in cold weather, when gardens are dormant, deer pass up their elegant flowers and foliage. Hellebores come in an amazing variety of blossom and leaf colors, and are a beautiful addition to your beds and borders.  

These conifers come in so many colors, shapes, sizes and growing habits, you’ll want to add them for their personality alone.  Plus, they are easy to grow, drought-tolerant and loved as "plant and forget" shrubs and trees.  Perfect for hedging or as accents and deer say, "No thanks!"

A brilliant choice to deter deer. Whether you choose evergreen or deciduous varieties, these spiny shrubs burst with vibrant, ever-changing color. From small to tall, their fiery leaves and glistening berries in winter are sure to keep you planting more and more.

So if you are looking for a way to shut down your "Deer Diner," come to Molbak’s and take a look at the many varieties of deer-resistant groundcovers, bloomers, conifers, trees and shrubs we offer.

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