Letters to the Editor - Sept. 30, 2013

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When Bernie Talmas ran for City Council four years ago he m ade several pledges.  He promised improved connectivity for pedestrian and bicycle traffic through the city.

Traffic congestion on 175th Street and at the entrance to 522 (especially from 132nd Ave. NE). 

Today this is now worse than it has ever been. Getting in, out and through the city has not improved.

Pedestrians and bicyclists both take their lives into their hands.

Just last week the mayor voted to "improve" Woodinville-Duvall Road but failed to include improvements for bicyclists or pedestrians.

Mr. Talmas chairs the Eastside Transportation Partnership and is a member of Puget Sound Regional Council.

Both boards lobby for state and federal transportation funding.

The City of Woodinville has not received anything from these boards. No grants or support.

Crime is also getting worse. In January our crime rate was up 44 percent!

When the chief of police asked the council in May to help reduce crime, the mayor turned his back on the citizens of Woodinville and voted against their proposal.

And now, we read in the Woodinville Weekly that the city has spent over $2.1 million of our tax dollars on legal fees.

That equates to over $780 for a family of four!

Just imagine how much safer our neighborhoods would be or the transportation improvements we could buy if the city had allocated that money to improving our quality of life.

Mr. Talmas and the "Woodinville Ticket" promised to end the bickering and sniping on the City Council. 

The September 9th Letters to the Editor from Councilmember Boundy-Sanders and Mayor Talmas is proof that the Council is even more petty and polarized today than it was in 2009.  

My family really can’t afford another four years of Mr. Talmas’ political games.

Andrea Heald, Woodinville

The anonymous "Ethical Woodinville" scam are still afraid to let us know who they are.

We may not know their names, but we know what they are — cowardly propagandists because they perpetuate a lie that because the mayor does not support ethical conduct legislation he is therefore not ethical.

The point is either you have ethics or you don’t, and those who don’t identify themselves when making accusations don’t have ethics in my opinion.

It takes ethics for a council member to question if another council member still resides within the city when public  documents indicated that the council member resides in Kirkland. ...

It takes ethics to address the financial drain of previous councils on programs and facilities it could not afford. It takes ethics to stand on Constitutional ground and oppose the installation of public cameras in Woodinville ... It takes ethics to be a good steward of the city’s funds — all traits possessed by our mayor.

I know not what others may say but the choice for me is clear: I’ll side with the mayor and not the cowards who comprise Ethical Woodinville.

Paul O.Cowles, Woodinville

So let’s do some math. Perhaps a story problem.

A school district proposes to build a new high school and reconfigure grades to make four-year high schools, middle schools for grades 6-8, and elementary schools for grades K-5.

Because there are now only six grades at each elementary school instead of seven, each of those school’s enrollments is reduced by about 15 percent.

Question: If the district has 20 elementary schools, how many schools will have to be closed to avoid increasing the operating costs at those schools by the same amount?

Answer: three.

Superintendent Francois, how are your math skills? Which three schools do you plan to close?

And if you say that no elementary schools will be closed, how do you justify increasing operating costs by 15 percent and asking people to pay more in property taxes?

Susan Stoltzfus, Woodinville

I am writing this in response to the article in your paper regarding the school board seeking input on bond and levies — seriously folks?

The NSD did not ask any of us tax-paying folks for our input on the soccer field they demolished and made into a parking lot during the remodeling of the Woodinville High school. We folks that live around this school have had to deal with students getting hit by cars, speeding, trash and parking all up and down 136th Avenue.

When they tore out that soccer field and made that parking lot I thought what a great idea.

Then they start charging the kids to park there,  then after remodeling was done  they took the parking lot OUT and made a big grassy field again

I have lived here over 30 years and have never seen that field used for anything school related.

I think if the NSD had asked us, we would have voted to keep the parking lot as it was and make it free to the kids to park.

It has gotten so bad during school hours,but these kids need to park somewhere.

I have had to call the school several times regarding trash to no avail.

I would tolerate the street parking better if the kids would show some respect.

I will never vote to raise my taxes for the Northshore School District to spend my money any way they see fit.

That was a very poor decisionand the fence is still locked to the grassy field.

What is its purpose anyway?

Sindi Giancoli, Woodinville


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