New outdoor deck for Acres of Diamonds, courtesy of Lowe’s ‘Heroes’ volunteer program

  • Written by Valley View Staff

vvacresofdiamondsA volunteer rips up rotten deck boards at the Acres of Diamonds facility in preparation for installing a new lifelong deck. Lisa Allen/staff photoOn Sept. 10, volunteers from several Lowe’s stores ripped up the old (and very rotten) deck at one of the Acres of Diamonds residences in Duvall (the facility has two side-by-side homes) and replaced it with a brand-new one. The approximately $10,000 project was provided free to the transitional facility for homeless women and children.

Lowe’s Human Resources Manager Jim Wilde says the effort was part of a volunteer program, called the "Heroes" program, that does outreach into communities to connect with nonprofits to help with any needs they may have.

"This was a big project so we went together with several stores to get it done," said Wilde. "It’s a lifelong deck."

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