Camaraderie runs high at KingCo meet

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Sports Writer

A nippy autumn afternoon at West Seattle’s Lincoln Park was the setting for the 2013 KingCo League Championship October 24th. Six different 5k races took place, with the Woodinville boys varsity finishing 9th and the girls varsity 11th. Several Woodinville runners featured good showings.

"They’re awesome," Falcon coach Sandy Laurence said. "They ran beautifully."

For the boys’ varsity, senior Clark Cyr finished 24th overall with a time of 16:16. Teammate Jordan Markezich finished right behind him in 26th place, with a time of 16:23.

"Clark was right there the whole way," Laurence said. "And Jordan went out exactly as I asked him. Start the race fast! Run the middle fast! Finish the race fast! I was very concerned with Jordan at first because he was pressed way to the outside. Our boys had lane one so we were pressed way to the outside. They couldn’t cut in. It was good and bad. Because it forced Jordan to press it into a different gear — and stay there. He’s never done that before and it was scary for him."

"I’m super proud of our team, we did awesome this year," Cyr said. "I think it’s the hardest working I’ve ever seen our team do. It was an awesome season, it was my favorite season."

Finishing 66th at 17:56 was Woodinville’s Joey James.

"That’s pretty good for me," James said. "I was hoping to get below 18:00, and I’m glad that I did it. It’s a pretty nice course, but it’s pretty tough because there are a lot of hills.

"But there are also a lot of flat spots and downhill where you can pick up speed and pass people. The last mile or so has a nice feel to it because you can see the finish line and it gives you a boost to keep you going."

For the girls’ varsity, Stephanie Nehme finished in 58th place overall with a time of 21:17. "It was so tough," Nehme said. "There was a quarter-mile-long hill and it’s pavement. It was such a big hill. But I fought through it. And the pain is so much when you’re about to finish. But when you cross the finish line, it is such a relief that it’s over. It’s such a great feeling that it’s hard to express it. I’m so proud of myself."

When asked what she likes most about cross country, Nehme smiled.

"Being part of the team is so fun," she said. "It’s such encouragement. When you finish a race it’s so worth it just to do it. I do better in school, and I really feel proud of myself."

Sophomore Chloe Fleuret concurred. "It’s been really fun," she said. "The team is like a family."

Also noteworthy among the JV ranks was Woodinville’s Caleb O’Connor, who won the JV 2 race by beating out 193 other runners, with a time of 18:55.

"It was a unique feeling," O’Connor said of crossing the finish line. "I’ve never gotten first place in a race like this, and it was a PR. So I’m feeling pretty good right now."

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