Screaming Reels - Nov. 18, 2013

  • Written by Derek Anderson

Ben Hana CohoWe are well into November which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

It’s time to start preparing for that big family gathering and traditional turkey dinner.

Tired of being traditional? Why not try a fresh grilled silver salmon like the one in the picture above? The fresh silver salmon are still coming into the Skykomish River in good numbers. The Ross family fished with Screamin’ Reels just the other day and hooked a total of 15 fish. Nine of the fish were silver salmon and the other six were tackle burning chum salmon which we released unharmed.

The river conditions are perfect and the heater is now on board the 23-foot boat to keep the chill off. It’s a great time of year to get out and enjoy the outdoors and experience what Mother Nature has to offer in this great place we call home.If your next coming weeks are a bit too busy to get out fishing give us a call to book your winter steelhead adventure! We fish two person trips in the drift boat on smaller streams and four person trips out of the jet boat. Both boats are equipped with heaters to keep everyone comfortable. Book a steelhead fishing adventure for a loved one which makes a great holiday gift!

Tight Lines, Derek Anderson


Please enjoy the latest and easy silver salmon recipe that my family now enjoys:

Take one fillet of fresh silver salmon

In a shallow dish add extra virgin olive oil (about four or five tablespoons)

Lay the fillet skin side down in the dish and baste the meat side with the olive oil

Take minced onion and sprinkle over the meat side

Mince some fresh garlic – about one to two tablespoons and sprinkle over the meat side as well

Heat your BBQ grill up to maximum temperature for a few minutes, then turn to lowest setting

Place the fillet meat side down for approximately seven to eight minutes

Then take two spatulas and work the fillet off the grill and flip, putting the skin side down

Cook on low for another four to five minutes. Make sure you do not overcook the fillet. Take a fork and check the thickest part in the middle of the fish. The fish should flake apart but still be very moist inside. The meat will be slightly pink. Remember once the fish is off the grill it will continue to cook a bit.

Once the fish is done take the spatula and slide it between the skin and meat. The beautiful fillet will leave the grill while the skin sticks. Place it on a serving dish and enjoy!

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