Woodinville’s U-16 Team Vortex wins District Championship

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Sports Writer

VortexChamps-102-5x7Photo by Carol Hook. Woodinville’s Team Vortex: Back row: Coach Brent Miller, Emma Glover, Fina Short, Kendria Zard, Abby Freid, Natalie Knoles, Krista Adams, Mondona Behroozian, Natalia Girling, Jordan Matthews, coach Mike Adams. Middle row: Kirann Gable, Ali Ostlund, Lizzy Holt, Sam Hook, Lauren Matheson, Maddy Walker. Front row: Coach Annie Holt. Not pictured: Sierra Block.Once again, Team Vortex has won the Washington state Youth Soccer Federation District 2 Championship. And come December, the Woodinville-based squad will defend its state championship when they play a yet-to-be determined opponent at the Starfire Complex in Tukwila.

"The girls have been a very cohesive unit throughout the year, cheering for each other, whether we’re winning or losing," head coach Mike Adams said.

The Vortex have amassed a 12-1-1 record and have outscored opponents by an astonishing 62-12. According to Adams, the 4.4 goals per game average is due to an attack style of play.

"We definitely play aggressively on the offensive end," he said. "We try to bring our defenders up as much as we can without running a lot of risks. But we put a lot of responsibility on our goalkeeper."

That goalkeeper would be Mondona "Mondy" Behroozian; and according to her, that style of play suits her just fine.

"It is kind of nerve racking," Behroozian said. "But our defense is usually pretty good about it. So I usually don’t get too many shots taken on me, because our defense is like a strong wall. But when there are breakaways, I like to come out and take a chance and go for the ball. It’s just fun. We always like to have fun on the team."

To date, the team’s biggest challenge surfaced in the district championship game against the Wolf Pack.

"We were losing 1-0 at the half," Adams said. "We had gotten a few shots on the goal but hadn’t been able to muster the same amount of pressure on their defense that we usually do. The girls got themselves together (at halftime) and talked about how we are a second half team. We were very confident going into the second half. And we won 3-1."

A big part of the team’s resiliency, according to Adams, is how the players always have each other’s back and stay positive in the face of adversity.

"I’ve been playing with this group of girls pretty much since the 1st grade, and I’m now in 10th grade," Emma Glover said. "But I actually go to a different school, so I don’t get to interact with them as much and only get to see them in soccer. But the thing is they’re such amazing people. They’re always saying hi to me and talking to me, and they’re all so welcoming."

"It’s just a fun team," Behroozian added. "Our favorite thing is to have fun. We’re always silly at practice but once we get to the game, we put on our game face and stay focused and we usually pull through."

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