Bothell annexes 9 areas

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

At their November 19, 2013, meeting, the Bothell City Council adopted an ordinance annexing all nine of Bothell’s designated potential annexation areas (PAAs) in King County.  The areas range in size from 1.9 to 660 acres, and in population from 7 to 3,980 persons.

Total area is 1,005 acres, and total population is an estimated 6,080 persons. Four of the annexation areas are islands of unincorporated King County completely surrounded by Bothell.

The annexations were initiated in February 2010 and processed under the city/county/fire district annexation interlocal agreement method, as provided in state law. This method, which does not involve an election. is most suitable for infill annexations which square off a city’s boundaries and are undisputed by any other jurisdiction. The nine annexations have been designated by city and county plans as part of Bothell’s logical service area since the mid-1990s and will eliminate a number of pockets of unincorporated territory that have been difficult for the county to serve.

The annexations will go into effect on February 28, 2014. 

"We’re looking forward to the privilege of serving our new citizens," said Bothell City Manager Bob Stowe.  "We’re eager to demonstrate what makes Bothell a very special community."

The nine PAAs and estimated population numbers are as follows:

1. North Bloomberg Hill = 405

2. Hillside Estates = 39

3. South Norway Hill / NE 160th = 3,980

4. Magnolia Dairy / South Westhill = 1,195

5. North Westhill = 380

6. Westhill Island / North = 34

7. Westhill Island / East = 7

8. Westhill Island / South = 32

9. Maywood Island = 8

The annexations implement the state Growth Management Act, which establishes that cities are the most appropriate providers of urban services.  The annexation process was initiated by resolution of the Bothell City Council in February 2010. 

Over the next three years, interlocal agreements were negotiated with King County, Fire District 16 and Fire District 36. Following approval of interlocal agreements by all parties, four notices of intention covering the nine PAAs were submitted to the King County Boundary Review Board. 

The annexations were approved by the Board on November 15, 2013, clearing the way for the Bothell City Council to adopt an ordinance annexing in the nine PAAs.

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