The A.C.T Now Workshops Present Series 1

  • Written by Author, Radio Host & Radio Network Owner, Healing Practitioner & Awareness/Clarity Coach, Sue Lundquist

Did you know that 8o% of success is simply showing up!

What’s in it for you? By the end of our short time together you will have the tools to foster feelings that  ”I am engaged in my child’s life”.

3. Some day syndrome

2. Super Mom syndrome

And the #1 is I am not enough syndrome

Take part in an innovative, co-creative half-day workshop that gives you simple tools to develop deeper connections with others and heighten your personal clarity and awareness. In a fun, safe, confidential environment, you’ll learn how to empower yourself through A (Awareness), C (Clarity), and T (Transformation). You’ll discover simple, repeatable tools to make positive changes in your personal and professional life.

Presented by Sue Lundquist, “I’m Thankful” Author/Radio Host

“A.C.T.” Now and give yourself the gift of Self-care in just a few hours and see how simple creating change can be.

DATE: January 12th, 2014
TIME: 10:00am-2:00pm pst
WHERE: Third floor of the Varity Credit Union Bldg.
11027 Meridian Ave N #102, Seattle, WA 98133(little hidden gem!). Northgate area.
Early Bird Rate Register NOW for $80! ($197 after December 22nd)


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