Letters to the Editor - Jan. 6, 2014

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Thanks for the memories — not!

To the person who backed into me in DeYoung’s Farm and Garden store parking lot on the afternoon of December 31st, way to go!

Not only did you do a hit and run without leaving a note, you also took off with the trim piece you knocked off my car when you hit it!

And to add insult to injury you turned what I had hoped to be a fond farewell to the store into a bad memory.

I can only ask that at the least you return the trim piece to me.

You can mail it to me anonymously; I’ve been in the phone book since I moved here 28 years ago.

Make a New Year’s resolution too for me: promise to be a responsible citizen in 2014.

Don Brocha, Woodinville


I support the Northshore School District.

As a former high school teacher and son of local teachers, I purposely chose to buy a house in the Northshore School District. The district has a long history of excellence, from its bond ratings to the fact that they have always worked carefully with their terrific teachers and have never gone on strike.

I have a senior in the full IB program at Inglemoor High School who is applying to some of the top schools on the west coast and have seen firsthand how she got this far.

My 8th grade son is hopefully following in her footsteps.

One of the key issues in a strong community has to be the willingness to support reasonable taxes that support our parks, our libraries, our emergency response units, and our schools.

As our area has grown and thrived, we have needed at times to re-evaluate what is needed. Not too many years ago, the district had to even consider closing a school due to a decline in enrollment. Enrollment is now booming on the north side of the district, as the far west side and east side have faced some enrollment declines.

After dozens of meetings and discussions with the whole community, the district has decided the best way forward is to build a new high school in the north side. The district is also aligning its grade levels at the schools to more closely match the neighboring districts and expectations of most colleges.

The new high school helps with this process.

The Northshore School District has a long history of doing what it has promised in regards to bonds and levies and they have done it in an open and public fashion. They have provided enough reasonable documentation and evidence through their finance department to the community and the bond underwriters that I am comfortable with their worst case scenario of an additional $60.00 per household.

I am comfortable that Superintendent Larry Francois and the diverse school board have done proper planning for the best interests of our community. I have worked closely with them as a former president of the Northshore Schools Foundation, in PTA, as a local businessman with Snapdoodle Toys, and as a parent.

Rob Pickering, Kenmore

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