Carnation pleased with KC Sheriff’s services

  • Written by Lisa Allen, Valley View Editor

The City of Carnation’s switchover from coverage by Duvall police to the King County Sheriff’s Office has gone exceptionally well, according to City Manager Ken Carter.

The new contract with the King County Sheriff’s Office went into effect Jan. 1. Duvall had been providing police services since late 2004, but in September, while Carnation was in the process of re-negotiating its contract, the Duvall City Council abruptly announced that it was terminating services as of Dec. 31. Carnation immediately began negotiations with the King County Sheriff’s Office.

The contract assigns one officer for an 8-hour shift. "Our dedicated officer is doing his best to be visible and other officers make appearances as they pass through town," said Carter. "We couldn’t be more happy with the service."

The day of the change also went well, he said. "The Duvall folks were gracious and helpful in coordinating the changeover," he said. "Commander Hert (who has taken over as Duvall’s interim chief since the retirement of longtime Chief Glenn Merryman) helped us quite a bit during the changeover."

Carter said during the times the dedicated officer is not on duty surrounding deputies would arrive if they were needed.

Contrary to some neighborhood rumors, Duvall officers are not covering the schools in Carnation, he said. "Some Duvall residents were concerned about that and anyone who is worried is welcome to stop by here to discuss it. But the sheriff’s officers are covering the schools here."

He said the city is also saving some money compared to last year, although the downside is fewer hours of coverage.

"But with the sheriff’s patrol we still have a very quick response," he said, "even during the nighttime hours. So far they have been very visible in the city. It really has been superb; there have been some hiccups, such as who is going to transfer prisoners, but we got our public defender and prosecutor so the rest of it is minor. On the whole it has been wonderful."

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