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South Gateway Park would enhance community

park We in the Woodinville area, with our tremendous growth and abundant resources, will have many choices to make in the coming years. We need to make these decisions with careful thought and foresight--and also with accurate, unbiased information from our representatives.

Few board members' views don't represent membership

candidates I recently attended the Hollywood Hill Association (HHA) annual meeting. The concern raised by many was in regard to the latest Newsletter article on a proposed multi-use park located on the South Bypass in Woodinville.

Brown property should be removed from agricultural district

candidates I was wrong about the Sammamish Valley Agriculture Production District (SVAPD) when I said Bus and Ida May Brown's rural-zoned property was not included within its boundaries.

Democracy in real trouble in King County

development From the beginning, our neighborhoods in the Bear Creek Area have argued the "majority" opinion opposing Blakely Ridge.

Spending a dollar to save a nickel

road improvements The "City of Woodinville" is going to spend a dollar to save a nickel. The people in my neighborhood (Kingsgate) that I have talked to are not happy with the city's "Road Improvement Project."

No intent to 'dupe' committee

fire comm. In response to last week's letter from Mary Baum, and by explanation to our citizens, I wish to clarify my support letter for Don Leggett.

Not all 'wet' areas considered wetlands

wetlands Stephen R. Norton's letter said, "Your property doesn't even need to be wet to require 'protection.' If your property is even occasionally 'wet,' it will guarantee governmental protection." I disagree.

Schools should have more AIDS education

AIDS education AIDS education should be taught in the Northshore School District longer than a three-day course.

Limited and biased view of weight loss organization

weight loss As an officer of TOPS, I feel I must respond to Mr. Zimmer's letter (WW, Sept. 5). Mr. Zimmer failed to state that he is affiliated with the NAAFA organization (The National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance).

Businesses helped co-op preschool

preschool I'd like to extend my personal thanks to Scott MacPherson of MacPherson's Real Estate and Greg Wilkinson of Savon Carpet for their contributions to Northshore Community Co-op Preschool.

Local farmers, artisans appreciate support

farmers' market The Woodinville Farmers' Market would like to thank each of you who came to the Saturday market to support local farmers and artisans throughout our 2nd season.

Yard sign insanity

yard signs Here we are in the final days of yard sign insanity that takes place throughout Bothell City Council elections. One day front yards are a rainbow of color, but by morning only selected signs are still on display.