Yard sign insanity

yard signs Here we are in the final days of yard sign insanity that takes place throughout Bothell City Council elections. One day front yards are a rainbow of color, but by morning only selected signs are still on display.
    It would be so easy to say, "Oh, just kids having fun." However, what's disturbing to me is the possibility that any one of our future council leaders have participated in these childish antics through knowledge of selective vandalism.
    It's not my visions of mature persons capable of viable decisions for the long -term well being of Bothell's government.
    What a sad commentary to responsible citizenship and city government. How could anyone feel the need to stoop so low as to send out their knights/nights in white cars?
    Is it not time for us to rethink the viability of having the expensive yard signs that blight the right-of-ways and yards each election?

Nancy Pierson, Bothell