Democracy in real trouble in King County

development From the beginning, our neighborhoods in the Bear Creek Area have argued the "majority" opinion opposing Blakely Ridge. The opposition to the Blakely Ridge and Northridge developments has overwhelmed support during the entire hearing process, despite what the developers, the county government, and the handful of supporters are saying.
    Yet these projects are still on the glide-path towards approval. We live in a democratic society: why are we being ignored?
    It has recently been proven to everyone that democracy is in real trouble in King County. As shown with the Mariners' stadium escapades, it doesn't matter what the majority said on election day. The King County Council passed a plan on their own and the voters won't have any say in it this time.
    Now it is the establishment of an Urban Growth Area on Novelty Hill that the State of Washington's Growth Management Hearing Board said last week "does not meet the goals and requirements of the [Growth Management] Act."
    Will this violation of the law be enough to convince the council that the urbanization of Novelty Hill is wrong? Will the King County Council amend the Countywide Planning Policies that contain this unlawful designation?
    They can begin to correct the CPPs at any time. If they do, they will not only be bringing their policies into agreement with state law, but they will be agreeing with the majority of the citizens in the Bear Creek area that have been protesting and opposing the planned urbanization of their neighborhoods for years.

Michael Costello, Redmond