Spending a dollar to save a nickel

road improvements The "City of Woodinville" is going to spend a dollar to save a nickel.
    The people in my neighborhood (Kingsgate) that I have talked to are not happy with the city's "Road Improvement Project."
    I can only speak for my household; however, I am convinced that others feel as I do.
    First, the roads did not need improving. Second, I do not recall ever being asked. Hence you, the City of Woodinvile, felt it was the prudent thing to do.
    It is not that I don't appreciate the intent, but it was a bad, bad mistake. Chip sealing is not for neighborhoods but for main arterials. Unfortunately, now I have several problems that I must address and spend money to correct. I am sure there are others in the same situation.
    First I want to thank Bob Dixon, a member of the City Council. Bob, you have been very, very responsive to our concerns and I want to thank you personally for coming to our house as well as others and talking to us. Thank you! You have been the only one.
    To the rest of the City of Woodinville, today, Oct. 20, 1995, I have liquid tar in my gutters and driveway, and on my carpet. Today I have extremely rough and jagged tar latent roads that children could be seriously injured on. Today I, as well as my neighbors, have lost aesthetic value to our land and suffered damage to our property. Today I can't watch the children play.
    We have lost money because of your actions. We have lost property value because of your actions.
    We have petitioned you with little avail ("a sweeper and a roller"). Please, remove it, or pave it right!

Kent Parkinson, Woodinville