No intent to 'dupe' committee

fire comm. In response to last week's letter from Mary Baum, and by explanation to our citizens, I wish to clarify my support letter for Don Leggett.
    Mary Baum is the leader of our Citizen's Committee, a sincere friend, and an intelligent and hard worker on the Committee's behalf. I very definitely advised her that, in my opinion, it would be best for the Citizen's Committee not to conduct a forum for commissioner candidates because two of the candidates are on the Citizen's Committee. I felt this might be considered somewhat slanted.
    My purpose in endorsing the reelection of Don Leggett came from my own observations of his contributions to our Fire District as a top-flight Commissioner. I felt I was helping our citizens by giving them my opinion first hand, as an associate commissioner.
    I still consider this to be a part of my responsibility. That is how much I believe Don can contribute to our Fire District--that this was in the citizens' and district's best interest.
    To say that I "duped"the Committee simply is not true. This assumes a devious conspiratorial purpose. No such thought ever existed. I have the highest regard and respect for the Citizen's Committee. They are hardworking dedicated people.
    If I have misled or offended the Citizen's Committee, please know this was never my intent.
    I understand Ms. Baum's and the Committee's concern, but simply feel that we have different viewpoints of the same situation.

Ben May, Woodinville