Not all 'wet' areas considered wetlands

wetlands Regarding Stephen R. Norton's letter "Real Issue of R-48 is unchecked governmental power:"
    This letter said, "Your property doesn't even need to be wet to require 'protection.' If your property is even occasionally 'wet,' it will guarantee governmental protection."
    I disagree. Many properties that do occasionally become wet are not defined as wetlands.
    The pamphlet "Washington's Wetlands Questions and Answers," prepared by the Washington State Departments of Ecology, Wildlife, Community Development and Puget Sound Water Quality Authority, mentions: "There is little scientific debate about what a wetland is... In order for an area to become a regulated wetland, all three conditions must be met: specific plants, specific soil, plus water... Very small wetlands are generally not regulated."

Dr. Heather Poe, Woodinville