Schools should have more AIDS education

AIDS education AIDS education should be taught in the Northshore School District longer than a three-day course.
    In the past couple of years, the number of AIDS cases has significantly increased between the ages of 14-21. This is a very important issue and I think that it should be stressed in the Northshore School District.
    Currently, in the Northshore School District, AIDS education is taught in the 8th grade and then never re-entered into the curriculum for the rest of the student's high school years.
    Frankly, I think the program that they are using is not very good. The course is three class periods long, and I don't think that everything you need to know can be taught in that amount of time.
    I feel strongly that if AIDS education was taught more extensively to the younger ages, starting with 5th grade, teenagers would be less likely to have sex and experiment with other things that could very well transmit the disease.
    They would be educated on these topics and would not have to try those things out for themselves.
    This year I would like to work with the school board to see if it is at all possible to extend the requirement of the three-day course to a longer time period. I would really hope something could be done about this.
    For instance, why not have an extension of the education course? I could also come back this year and offer an AIDS and abstinence course of my own. I would like to say that I had helped out in making a difference at Skyview Junior High.
    I know that AIDS is spreading fast. I must do all that I can to prevent this from happening.

Michelle M. Bishop, Woodinville