Underwater jack-o'-lantern

    John Pownall, Jr. (pictured above), 33, of Woodinville, and his scuba teammate, Steve Tilford of Bellevue, won "The Largest Pumpkin" prize in the annual Underwater Sports of Kirkland Pumpkin Carving Competition on October 29.
    The 151-lb. pumpkin was purchased at Remlinger Farms in Carnation and trailered to Alki Beach, then transferred by wheelbarrow to the water. Pownall and Tilford took it underwater and used a saw, a large spoon, and knives to carve the jack-o'-lantern. KING 5-TV covered the contest, featuring Pownall, owner of Professional Trucking, Inc. and a scuba instructor/dive master.
    Those interested in contacting Pownall and learning scuba diving can contact the Woodinville Weekly at 483-0606.