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Consultant for Civic Center chosen

civic center by Jeff Switzer
At its Oct. 23 regular meeting, the Woodinville City Council approved the choice of the firm of Easters and Kittle as consultants for the master planning process for the city's Civic Center.
    The location of the proposed civic center is the C.O. Sorenson School, currently leased by the City of Woodinville for city business.
    The city contracted with the Granger Group to appraise and inspect the buildings, and to find out how much it would cost to upgrade the school district's facilities if an agreement is reached between the city and Northshore.
    The city is planning on talking with the school district soon regarding the purchase of the complex, which the district has declared surplus.
    In the meantime, the council and staff have been busy compiling a list of names to serve on the committee which will work with both the public and Easters and Kittle in determining some of the potential uses for the future civic center.
    The Sorenson Schoool Annex, built in 1934, is 23,947 square feet and sits on approximately one acre; the Sorenson complex, built in 1973, is 39,218 square feet and sits on 9.5 acres. The whole site totals about 10.5 acres.
    The old schoolhouse building is currently leased to the City of Woodinville, in addition to a room in the back building used for Council Chambers.
    The Northshore YMCA leases the gymnasium and swimming pool; Bellevue Christian School leases the equivalent of six rooms, or 5,000 square feet; one room is leased by the Northshore Co-op Preschool; and 20,000 square feet is leased for the Earliery Childhood Program for special preschool children and Head Start.
    City staff sent out 26 letters to interested citizens and business groups who were recommended, and have received 20 letters back declaring interest. According to staff, most are residents of Woodinville.
    On the list of interested citizens are: Kern Kyes, Larry Pinnt, Peter Tountas, Bruce Allen, Barbara Grube, Bernard Moore, Frank Lionel Roberts, Catherine Howard, and Kathy Bergstrom.
    On the list of interested businesses and civic groups are: Pamela Stewart (Synergy); Glen Kelly (barbershop owner); Gretchen Garth (Teen Northshore); Marianne LoGerfo (Northshore Senior Center); Don Julien (Woodinville Library); Carol Edwards (Woodinville Weekly); Gladys Berry (Woodinville Historical Society); Julie and Grant Davidson (Farmers Market); and Glenda Mitchell (Kiwanis).
    Stuart A. Clarke, from the Woodinville area, also has expressed interest.