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Evergreen offers help via telephone

resource service Evergreen Hospital Medical Center's health resource service is available to answer questions 24 hours a day. Registered nurses can help you handle just about any medical situation that comes up. For the free service, just call 899-3000 and push "3" to connect with a nurse.
    The hospital's Health Resource Line offers recorded messages on health topics. Just call 899-3000 and push "1" to connect with the resource line. Then enter the 4 digit code for the topic you want to hear.
    Here are a few topics to try: 1153, CPR for infants and children; 4313, Childproofing your home; 4319, Immunizations; 4452, Ear infections in children. More than a thousand other topics are available.
    To receive a copy of the Health Resource Line Directory, call 899-3000 and topic code 1050. Leave your name and address. Copies are also available at the hospital.