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City Council looks at property taxes for 1996

property taxes by Jeff Switzer
The first look at property taxes for 1996 shows that Woodinville residents won't see an increase.
    The Woodinville City Council took its first look at what the tax rates might be in 1996 at its Oct. 23 meeting.
    According to City Clerk/Treasurer Jim Katica, the rates for 1994 and 1995 were just under $1.60, and the rate for 1996 looks to be the same.
    Mayor DeYoung suggested to the Committee of the Whole that the Council direct staff to explore a tax increase to fund the Jerry Wilmot Green Gateway Park.
    The committee debated the merits of the mayor's idea, and ultimately voted 4-2-1 to direct staff to examine the option, Councilmembers Dixon and Engel voting against the measure, and Saulness excused.
    Councilmember Jessup noted that the city's property taxes have not been raised in the three years the council has had the power to set them.
    "This represents a major change of direction and we should seek out and clarify [the reason] for this change of direction," Jessup said.
    Since that discussion, the Finance Committee for the Jerry Wilmot Park has met with staff and has given the indication that a tax increase to fund the park is not the way they want to go.
    The next time the council will look at property taxes will be at their Nov. 13 meeting.

In other business:
    The council voted 6-0, with Art Saulness excused, to have first reading of an ordinance which defines and regulates street banners as a permitted use.