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police beat by Richard Matros
On Oct. 21, a mailbox on the 14000 block of NE 198th St. was blown into many pieces by an M-80 firecracker. Two juveniles were apprehended in the woods nearby.
    A resident in the 18000 block of 140th Ave. NE reported that on Oct. 23, she heard a loud crashing noise in her kitchen. She found the kitchen window broken and heard a vehicle start and drive away. She then went outside to find a four-inch diameter pumpkin lying in front of the window.
    On Oct. 25 a male suspect entered a local supermarket and was observed leaving the store without paying for a basket full of meat. A store employee followed the suspect out of the store and saw him put the basket in the back of a pickup truck and yell at the driver to go. The employee heard the driver and the passenger argue to leave the meat there. As the driver got out to dump the goods, the passenger slid over to the driver's seat and took off in the truck, with the meat still in the back. The driver reported his truck stolen.
    A motorist reported that on Oct. 26, he entered traffic at the NE 15500 block of 140th Ave. NE and was flashed by the driver behind him. As they reached the traffic light at NE 171st and 140th Ave. NE, the motorist said the other driver moved into the adjacent lane and held up a submachine-type gun with something similar to a silencer on the barrel. The motorist said the other driver, who was wearing a black leather jacket, said something to the effect that he would "blow your head off." The motorist recorded the suspect's license number and stopped at a convenience store to call 911.
    A person walking home near the 13500 block of NE 190th on Oct. 26 reported that he observed two juveniles with flashlights prowling vehicles in the area, and that a maroon Corolla hatchback-type vehicle was parked nearby with a white female in the driver's seat. He went home to call police, who arrived to find a green Chrysler with a broken driver's side window. The owner of the vehicle was notified. A K-9 unit was called but had negative results. The vehicle's alarm was set and did not activate, indicating that the door was not opened. No loss was recorded.