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News from the Metro/King County Council

County Council by Louise Miller, Woodinville, Council Vice-Chair
The King County Council has two main focuses for the months of November and December.
    The latter part of October and most of November will be taken up by a series of budget hearings. The final budget will be adopted by the full Council shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday recess. It is expected that that vote will take place on or about Wednesday, Nov. 22.
    Each standing committee of the council is holding public meetings on the various departmental budgets. This review will take about three weeks. Most chairs will be making a report from those hearings to the Budget Committee by the third week of November.
    Staff reports and budget charts for any area you may be interested in reviewing are available by calling my office.
    The second major set of actions before the end of the year are amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. The vast majority are technical map corrections and small clarifications that fall within the urban designations set in place by the countywide planning policies.
    The one exception, and more significant, are four possible 4 to 1 proposals that the executive is asking to have considered. A 4 to 1 proposal must be directly next to the urban line and must dedicate four acres of permanent open space for every one acre used for development.
    The final hearing on these comprehensive plan issues will be in early December. If you wish to have information on any of these changes just call my office at 296-1003 and we'll mail any pertinent materials.