Outraged at vandalism

candidates I am outraged at the vandalism that was perpetrated by several candidates running for Woodinville City Council. These candidates, Backstrom, Bogue, and Hageman, had their signs nailed to the Canterbury Square sign in front of First Interstate Bank. These signs, according to Ms. Cain of First Interstate, were illegally nailed to the Canterbury Square sign.
    Although Ms. Cain said that the Canterbury Square sign did not belong to the bank, she said she called "the city" of Woodinville, so it did not surprise me that the signs remained up for two days, until after the election had taken place.
    This vandalism episode tells me what kind of respect for the City of Woodinville and respect for the law we can expect from those candidates. I am appalled and disgusted with this arrogance and lack of respect for the law.

Karyn F. King, Woodinville