Fire District to bring sprinkler ordinances to council

sprinklers Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District has recommended to the Woodinville City Council several new ordinances regarding the installation of fire sprinkler systems.
    At the Nov. 6 council meeting, the council elected to postpone this issue to the Nov. 20 study session to allow for public input.
    The Fire District is targeting three types of occupancies that present the greatest risk for the loss of life and property by fire.
    The Fire District recommends that all Multi-Family Dwellings (Apartments/Condominiums) over 5,000 square feet be protected by automatic fire sprinklers.
    The Fire Department also recommends sprinklers any time the occupancy load exceeds 200 people, and believes existing buildings that exceed 10,000 square feet through additions should be sprinklered.
    In 1994, fire departments in the United States responded to over two million fires. Structure fires occurred every 51 seconds and residential fires occurred every 75 seconds. There were over 600,000 structure fires with 451,000 being residential fires.
    Seomeone dies in a fire every 123 minutes. 4,275 people died in fires in 1993, 80% of the deaths (3,425) in residential fires. Property damage is estimated at over eight billion dollars. Arson accounted for 14% of all structure fires.
    Some cities in King County have already passed similar ordinances such as these before the Woodinville City council. The Woodinville fire and Life Safety district believes these "proactive" life- and property-saving ordinances will help to make Woodinville a safe place to live and work today and into the future.
    Those with questions should contact Steve Smith, Fire Marshal, 489-2757, or Jim Davis, Fire Chief, 483-2131.

Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District