City Hall needs to obey the law

city hall Do we really have to settle for being run over by government bureaucracy?
    For the past year, we have fought with the City of Woodinville's bureaucracy about allowing a development that would be accessed by our street: a narrow 13-foot single-lane road that dead-ends. According to all King County and Woodinville regulations, the street must meet a 28-foot-wide requirement and at a minimum be 20 feet.
    It is evident that NE 149th is already a substandard road, being 13 feet wide. It is not meeting the mandates of its own Hearing Examiner's decision concerning a safe street width. What has to happen before government obeys its own laws? Does a child have to be hit by a car before anyone pays attention?
    We have worked with the city manager, building inspector, and city attorney. These are people appointed and hired by our elected officials. These appointed officials are directly violating the hearing examiner's requirements if NE 149th is not widened to an acceptable width established by our law and building regulations.
    We have met and explained that the street development permit was issued in defiance to the Hearing Examiners decision. Woodinville has violated its own regulations by allowing this new development that will compound the street hazard and density problems. We are tired of being harassed by our local government. City Hall needs to obey the law. They cannot be their own judge, jury, and sheriff.
    It is clearly written in the City Ordinances that it is the responsibility of the city to provide a safe environment for its citizens. Woodinville has violated the law and has been negligent in giving this permit.
    For some reason, I don't feel like paying my property tax this year!

Steve and Lorie Overland, Woodinville