Proposed legislation cruel and callous

legislation Proposed legislation to block late-term abortions (HR 1833) fails to provide exceptions to safeguard women's life and health. It is a cruel and callous bill that would force women carrying fetuses with grave abnormalities to carry them full term.
    I am acquainted with a woman who had a late-term abortion. Late in her pregnancy, doctors diagnosed extreme brain abnormalities in the fetus. It would have lived full term, then died soon after birth.
    Under HR 1833, the woman would have been forced to continue carrying the fetus, living with the knowledge of what would happen to it and fearing the sight of it.
    The normal experience of giving birth is of pain and hard work followed by elation, not horror and depression. How dare anyone force a woman and her husband to endure that kind of misery?
    It is not the province of politicians to dictate what kind of medical procedures doctors may use to safeguard the mental and physical health of their patients. In its attempt to curtail abortion rights, HR 1833 will cause direct harm to women.

Sherry Rind, Redmond