Where there's Bob, there's Hope

Bob Hope watches as movie actress Marilyn Maxwell signs her autograph on a wounded man's cast.
Photo courtesy of Oscar Roloff.

Oscar Roloff by Oscar Roloff
During World War II, Bob Hope traveled thousands of miles to visit the battle areas and hospitals where the wounded were being cared for. Following his footsteps were scads of press members from stateside.
    Too little was published about his continued visits during the war to follow, the Korean Conflict. With his troupe, he'd zero in on those injured in battle and quip and banter. They loved the fellow, still do, and still have fond memories of him.
    Hope would always have a couple of classy gals with him and the "boys" would ogle them. He knew how to pick them.
    I recall one of his forays when Marilyn Maxwell came down with him to U. S. Fleet Activities, Japan-Korea, at Yokosuka, Japan. Sometimes I'd be in Korea and miss them.
    The wounded had been brought to the naval hospital there. I was then with the press corps and saw to it that the injured were given press coverage.
    The photo scene with this article shows Marilyn autographing the cast of a wounded marine. I'm behind Bob and behind me is Captain R. James, C.O. of the hospital.
    After visiting those at the hospital, we took Bob and Marilyn to a huge hall where the less injured awaited the arrival of the two Hollywood figures.
    Unstintingly, Bob Hope did his share to bolster up those in uniform. Other stars did the same thing. They'd converge on us and we'd see to it that home town photo coverage was given to each and every uniformed person that he saw.