On the Road with Rex & Carol

Test Drive: 1995 GMC Yukon & Sonoma

test drive The Pacific Northwest is truck country and the 1995 GMC truck lineup is impressive. We tested both the Yukon and the Sonoma Club Pickup and found both to be solid, easy to drive, and desirable to have, especially for winter driving experiences.

1995 GMC Yukon 4WD 4-Door

    The 1995 Yukon is a full-size truck. Our test drive was outfitted with many of the options available, making it a "deluxe" truck. Designed to go to the slopes or to town, the power and control was there with the V8 engine. The interior is luxurious, spacious, easy to move in and out of, and with all the controls and creature comforts easy to reach and use. The heavy duty shocks absorbed the bumps and made for a real smooth drive.
    The inside jack and wheel wrench, the front tow hooks, and the cargo tie-downs all add to the ease of use.
    The standard price on the Yukon is $28,585. The marketing option package and running boards were on our test drive vehicle.

1995 GMC Sonoma Club 4WD Pickup

    The 1995 Sonoma Club Coupe is a fun performance compact pickup. It's powerful: without any weight in the back, we spun the gravel just backing out the driveway. A short person has to stretch a bit to get in and out of this pickup. The drive was smooth, the visibility great, and with room inside for 4 with the two rear fold-down seats. The Sonoma is a versatile vehicle.
    The daytime running lights come on automatically.
    Our test drive Sonoma got a lot of positive attention from the younger crowd in town.
    The Sonoma's standard price is $17,508. Our test drive car came with the highrider suspension package, 4-speed automatic transmission, air conditioning, and other options that added to the price.
    GMC offers a 3-year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance.