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Backstrom, Bogue, and Hageman have lead in Council race

Absentee ballots could decide election

Left to right: Walter Backstrom, Carol Bogue, Scott Hageman.

candidates by Jeff Switzer
As of Monday morning, the Woodinville City Council races were still up in the air, as candidates and voters continued to await the results of absentee balloting.
    A mere 52 votes separated the two vying for Position 2: Current numbers show Walter Backstrom, who pulled in 845 votes (51.59 percent), leading Barbara Solberg, with 793 votes (48.41 percent).
    "I feel really good about the upbeat, positive campaign that we've run," Solberg said. "We've had wonderful support from the citizens of Woodinville."
    Backstrom is cautiously optimistic about the early returns.
    "This vote has shown that there is a real division in the community," Backstrom said. "My job is to work to heal all of the wounds and continue to be the one who builds bridges so that the shared vision of making Woodinville the 'Pearl of the Eastside' can be attained."
    Position 4 has incumbent Bob Dixon trailing second-time candidate Scott Hageman by 119 votes. Hageman has 880 votes (53.63 percent); Dixon 761 votes (46.37 percent).
    Dixon's deficit is the largest of the three races and will be a tough one to make up, but with the absentee ballots still being counted, the race could still go either way.
    "I want to thank all of the people who helped me in my campaign and the citizens of Woodinville for their support," Dixon said, saving judgment on the race until the absentee ballots have been counted.
    "If I lose, I won't miss any more Monday Night Football," Dixon added.
    "If the current trend of the election holds up, it will be a great opportunity for the future of Woodinville," Hageman said. "As the incoming council members, we will add dynamism, leadership and vision to tackling the issues confronting our citizens today. I appreciate the support of all the voters in Woodinville and I encourage them to continue to participate with an active voice in the community."
    Position 6 is another close race, with challenger Carol Bogue leading incumbent Marsha Engel by 54 votes. Bogue has 833 votes (51.67 percent); Engel has 779 votes (48.33 percent). Engel offered a comment on the early returns.
    "It's not over until the fat lady sings and right now she's not even on the stage," Engel said.
    The City of Woodinville has 4,675 registered voters; of those, about 1,600 turned out on election day. King County issued 971 absentee ballots to Woodinville voters. Whichever way the race goes, there will be at least one new face on the city council.
    The next set of election results is due out Monday, Nov. 13 at 4 p.m.