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Coalition for Public Trust created by Bear Creek activists

coalition by Jeff Switzer
In response to what they are calling the unresponsiveness of elected officials, several community activist groups have formed the Coalition for Public Trust, a nonprofit corporation with the goal of holding those officials accountable to their constituents.
    The Coalition for Public Trust (CPT) will hold their first community forum on Nov. 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Wilder Elementary School, 22130 N.E. 133 St., Redmond.
    Community residents and groups will have the opportunity to share their opinions, get the latest information in the fight against the urban planned developments (UPDs), and comment on other issues of concern to King County residents.
    Members of CPT are from Bear Creek Citizens for Growth Management, Friends of the Law, Citizens Against Urban Sprawl, some homeowners from Novelty Hill Ranch Estates and Lake of the Woods, and a Union Hill residents group representing as many as 600 people.
    "Many of the group's members are active in their community and have been opposing the Novelty Hill UPDs," said CPT President Steve O'Donnell.
    "This group has formed to combine our forces and have an impact on our representatives and on public processes. CPT will hold elected officials to their oaths of office and require representation for their constituents," O'Donnell said.
    The Coalition supports "responsible and responsive government, the philosophy of the Growth Management Act, campaign and contribution reform and public awareness and involvement." Its first focus is the proposed Novelty/Union Hill UPDs: Blakely Ridge and Northridge.
    Those interested in more information about the Coalition for Public Trust or the community forum should call either Henriet Schapelhouman at 868-1745, or Brenda Bennett South at 689-6964.