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Paro, Davis elected to Northshore School Board

candidates by Jeff Switzer
Sue Paro and B-Z Davis are the victors in the race for the Northshore School Board, with Paro defeating incumbent Rich Baldwin and B-Z Davis winning over Paul Emerson, who withdrew in the late stages of the race.
    Northshore covers parts of both King and Snohomish Counties, and each of the candidates fared about the same in each, although the Davis-Emerson race was close in Snohomish County.
    In King County, Paro pulled in 5,726 votes (54.64 percent) to Baldwin's 4,754 (45.36 percent).
    In Snohomish County, Paro received 2,929 (55.45 percent) topping Baldwin's 2,345 votes (44.40 percent).
    In total, early results show Paro with 8,655 (54.9 percent) and Baldwin with 7,099 (45.06 percent) for Position 2.
    Baldwin was appointed to Position 3 on the school board and was seeking re-election to the position.
    In her bid for re-election to Position 3, incumbent B-Z Davis defeated challenger Paul Emerson. Emerson dropped out late in the race for Position 3, but still had a strong showing for a candidate not seeking office.
    In King County, early results show Davis with 5,438 votes (57.94 percent), topping Emerson's 3,947 (42.06 percent).
    In Snohomish County, Davis edged Emerson by a scant 220 votes: Davis with 2,437 votes (52.28 percent); Emerson with 2,217 votes (47.56 percent).
    Initial totals for the two counties were 7,875 (56.09 percent) for Davis; 6,164 (43.9 percent) for Emerson.
    The next set of election results from King County will be available Nov. 13 after 4 p.m.