Vets honored at Northshore schools

(Left to right) 5th graders Tyler Anthony and Matt Behrman.

vets honored by Karen Diefendorf
The students and faculties at both Kokanee and Hollywood Hills Elementaries welcomed guests from all branches of the American Armed Forces Nov. 9 to commemorate Veteran's Day.
    At the Kokanee assembly, Bob Nelson, Commander of the VFW Post #2995, arranged for a U. S. Marine Corps color guard to present the flags.
    Students who participated in the assembly were: 4th graders Luke Williams and Kristin Horton; 5th graders Amy Hecox, Marissa Ballantyne, William Jones, and Matthew Beck; and 6th graders Jackie Taylor, Eric Kirchner, Brandon August, and Niki Roberts.
    Among the 30 veterans honored at the Hollywood Hills Elementary assembly was Frank Templeman, who served in the Cavalry in 1935. Speaker at the event was veteran Brian Hickman, father of 1st grader Karina Hickman, who told of his experiences in the Navy.
    The National Anthem was sung by Bob McGrath, Navy vet, who is the father of 5th grade teacher Kathie Coldwell. McGrath is easily recognized by UW football fans; he sings the anthem at Huskies home games.
    Many of the students and faculty brought guests who were veterans. Each was introduced with a description of his service experience.
    The assemblies at both Kokanee and Hollywood Hills shared a common objective: to offer thanks to the men and women who have served through the years in the United States Armed Forces.