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Bureaucratic solution: Tax the suckers

guest column by Wally Buscher, Woodinville
Having followed the attempts at restoration of our mud hole called Cottage Lake over the past few years, it is interesting to see again how willing people are to surrender their pocketbook for the sake of being able to say, "Well, I became involved and tried to help."

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Choice between overgrown grass and families having fun

HHA board I am very disappointed to find out that the present Hollywood Hills Association board is out of touch with the needs of my family.

HHA Board no longer speaks for residents on the Hill

HHA board As one of the founders and a past president of the Hollywood Hill Association, and because of some recent newsletters and coverage in the local media regarding sports fields on property in Woodinville, south of the south bypass, I feel compelled to write this letter.

People play second fiddle to nature

Cottage Lake Stephen Norton's Oct. 23 letter describing the "open public rebellion (that) prevented the completion of this costly and stupid plan" to convert most of Norm's Resort park on Cottage Lake to protected wetlands was really timely.

Intolerance at the core of hatred

candidates I am responding to the letter by Deborah Davis (WW, Nov. 13). I'm a liberal, who stayed at home to raise my four children, and have worked hard to give back to our community, which contains a diversity of religions and political beliefs.

Sign stealing cheapens political process

sign stealing In the last 3 weeks before the election, I repeatedly watched campaign signs disappear from streets and neighborhoods. It was not random, but directed almost exclusively at one city council candidate.

Defending candidate's reputation

reputation As I write this letter, the final results of the Woodinville City Council race are unknown, so this is neither a cry of victory, nor a wail of defeat. Either way, I am compelled to defend the reputation of my wife, Barbara Solberg.

Do the job the correct way

paving I am writing as a result of the recent chip seal that was applied to our neighborhood and our feelings about the process and how it is being handled.

An after-election promise

fire commissioner I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. Your support on my behalf is appreciated.

Celebrating American education

education American Education Week was Nov. 12-18. In celebration of the event, may I present some information for your attention?