HHA Board no longer speaks for residents on the Hill

HHA board The following was sent to County Council Member Louise Miller with a request for publication.
As one of the founders and a past president of the Hollywood Hill Association, and because of some recent newsletters and coverage in the local media regarding sports fields on property in Woodinville, south of the south bypass, I feel compelled to write this letter.
    The articles of incorporation filed with the Secretary of State on July 15, 1976, signed by myself as President and Joyce Rock as Secretary, state in Article III, "The purposes for which the corporation is organized are all purposes allowed by law for nonprofit corporations and in particular (but not limited to) engaging in all activities relating to the betterment, protection and welfare of the Hollywood Hill community near Woodinville, King County, State of Washington."
    The obvious intent was to look out for and protect Hollywood Hill's mostly rural character.
    If we were to get involved in areas off the Hill, that would be accomplished through the old WCAC (Woodinville Community Action Council), and we had an elected representative that attended those meetings.
    But the tide comes in and the tide goes out, and over the course of time comes the inevitable change.
    No longer is there a WCAC, nor most of the neighborhood associations, but the HHA lives on. Now its tentacles are reaching out further and further away from the Hill; and what we accomplished through some hard-fought battles and the respect the organization gained is now being lost because it's not the Hill the present board is concerned about, but what's going on off the Hill.
    I think it's fair to say that a lot of us that live not just on Hollywood Hill but in the Woodinville area are very much concerned and in tune with what's happening to the rest of the Sammamish Valley.
    We don't want to see any more of the valley land developed that is not already zoned for it or covered with asphalt, but at the same time, I think there are many useful purposes for this land, which would help maintain it as open space in perpetuity, and at the same time compensate the property owner, should he desire to do something with his land.
    One of the uses I believe would be very useful, compatible, and help preserve the open space is sports fields, be it baseball, soccer, football, or frisbee.
    I think for anyone to argue or take a position that this use would infringe on or potentially help to destroy the valley, is smoking something that is still considered illegal!
    The Hollywood Hill Association Board does not speak for all the residents anymore.
    Should you receive any correspondence from them, I suggest you ask them to furnish you a current poll or petition that shows a majority of the residents on the Hill support the position they are espousing.

Roger K. Rettig, Woodinville