Intolerance at the core of hatred

candidates I am responding to the letter by Deborah Davis (WW, Nov. 13).
    I'm a liberal, who stayed at home to raise my four children, taught them right from wrong (including tolerance of other people's religions, part of what this country was founded on), have been in a committed marriage for 35 years, and have worked hard to give back to our community, which contains a diversity of religions and political beliefs.
    Amongst my liberal friends and acquaintances, we are the norm, not the exception Ms. Davis would like to believe. On my part, I can only hope that Ms. Davis's views do not represent all conservatives.
    As to Barbara Cothern, I wish civics were still taught in schools; if it were, maybe Ms. Davis would understand that we live in a republic.
    This means that our government is a representative democracy and no one person can, at once, represent every constituent as an individual. They can only represent the majority that elected them.
    Ms. Davis, it seems to me that name calling and intolerance of others are at the core of hatred, and calling names based on ignorance and generality is what attracts hatred to you. Please take time to reflect on the fact that our words and acts are what we become.

Pat Talbott, Woodinville