Do the job the correct way

paving The following letter was written to Mayor Lucy DeYoung and the City of Woodinville with a request for publication.
I am writing to you as a result of the recent chip seal that was applied to our neighborhood and our feelings about the process and how it is being handled.
    We as a community do not feel that we were in need of a new road to begin with. We are original owners of our home for 17 years and thought, like most of the community, that the road was fine. I understand that you felt it needed to be updated and decided to do the update in the cheapest way possible.
    We feel that by the time you get done playing around with bringing in heavy rollers to try to crush down some of the sharp rocks on the surface and everything else, you could have spent the money to do it the right way the first time around.
    Instead, as a result of the roller, we have a broken water pipe on NE 157th and have orange cones cutting off half the road to get in and out of our development. That is causing traffic problems.
    This process is not safe for a neighborhood, anyway. Families with children live here. It is very dangerous for children. If my 4-year-old grandchild falls off her bike on this surface and gets hurt as a result of your irresponsible decision to apply sharp rocks to a residential street, we will be seeing our lawyer.
    I already have damage to our vehicles, damage to our carpet, and damage to our son's vehicle. We plan to file claims but have delayed doing so to see what other damage will occur as a result of your actions.
    The time and energy that has been spent on letters and neighborhood get-togethers to discuss this mess could have been spent on more positive things like family time.
    We are sick and tired of hearing everyone pass the buck on to the next person. We as a community would like you to do the job the correct way before someone is seriously hurt. That would be the responsible thing for the city to do.
    We are not going to go away, we are not to forget about this, we are going to start showing up in large groups to your Monday meeting until you as our city officials (elected officials, I might add) start taking responsibilty for your actions. We are tired of being put off.
    No more excuses, please, Lucy. Do your job and represent the people you are supposed to. We will be waiting for your response.

Ron and Pat Graves, Woodinville