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Citizens seek out city to fix paving problem

City Manager Joe Meneghini (left) examines the cracked bicycle helmet of Hossein Barahimi's 6-year-old son, who was injured in the Kingwood Valley area, while Vicki Jensen (center) and Barahimi describe some of the problems with the city's paving job.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

paving problem by Jeff Switzer
Residents of the Kingwood Valley neighborhood near Kingsgate are up in arms over the paving job they received from the City of Woodinville.
    According to the residents, the chip and seal job has damaged their vehicles, caused ruts in the roadway, prevents their children from rollerblading, is a safety hazard to their children, and has caused damage to their homes by being tracked in.
    City Manager Joe Meneghini met with 11 of the residents on Friday morning to hear their concerns and inspect the job the city contracted for.
    "This was our standard preventive maintenance," said Meneghini. "It was the city's intention that this should be as smooth as a tabletop, comparable to a class B job."
    Meneghini said he plans to meet with city staff to get the problem fixed and to set the residents' minds at ease.
    He plans to recommend that a sweeper be sent out to take care of all of the loose rocks that aren't supposed to be a by-product, but instead should be compacted into the surface of the road by traffic.
    After that point, several options exist: a tar layer; a layer of asphalt, which is what the residents have preferred all along; or to further roll the roads to see if they compact.
    "There may be neighborhoods where this doesn't work," Meneghini said. "[This paving] may not apply to what we thought it did."
    Resident Pat Graves said the neighborhood has collected 125 signatures complaining about the paving job. "That should say something to the city," said Graves.
    She indicated that if the residents aren't satisfied, they plan on attending city council meetings until they are.