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Local police beat

police beat by Richard Matros
Between Nov. 7 and 8, someone dumped campaign signs on the lawn of a candidate who had recently lost a re-election bid.
    On Nov. 8, near the 15000 block of NE 202nd, a resident reported that vandals entered her yard and broke several pumpkins, throwing them around the yard and driveway. The suspects also spilled a sticky, foul-smelling liquid on the front door and window.
    On Nov. 13, a person reported a stalking/harassment incident after receiving a letter stating the writer knew where he lived and what kind of vehicle he drove. The person has since received unordered magazines in the mail.
    On Nov. 14, a suspect in a blue Corvette was seen leaving a local supermarket parking lot without paying for several bundles of firewood. An officer spotted the vehicle and questioned the driver, who initially denied the larceny accusation. The officer followed the suspect to his home and spotted the wood lying next to the fireplace. The suspect acknowledged the theft as a prank and agreed to return to the store to pay for the wood.