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Community activism goes online

UPDs The Coalition For Public Trust (CPT) has taken its fight against the Novelty/Union Hill Urban Planned Developments online via the World Wide Web.
    The nonprofit corporation was formed with the stated intent "to hold government and elected officials accountable to the public."
    CPT's web page contains detailed information about the coalition, the status of the UPDs, and several pictures.
    CPT's URL, or address, on the World Wide Web is http://www.morsepr.com/C/Coalition.html (click on the address to access the site).
    "Our goal is to get people informed and active and we are using every possible venue. Being online will allow us to provide continually-updated information in great detail to a lot of people," said Steve O'Donnell, president of CPT. "Instant and easy access will play a significant role in serving the community and providing people a convenient way to be involved."
    CPT's main focus is on issues and concerns of public trust. The initial focus is to hold government responsible to the voting public on land use decisions in East King County.
    CPT's first project is to require the King County Council to seriously weigh the facts brought forward by the public, which to this point have been largely ignored by staff in favor of the UPD developers, and to represent the public's concern in the decision-making process.
    Coalition For Public Trust was incorporated Sept. 25, 1995 as "a broad-based, non-partisan, nonprofit corporation organized to impact policy and decision making through its membership, while conducting itself in an ethical and responsible manner."
    Its organizers state that the Coalition "supports responsive and responsible government, the philosophy of the State Growth Management Act, campaign and contribution reform, and public awareness and involvement."
    For more information, contact Henriet Schapelhouman, 868-1745, or CPT, 16149 Redmond Way, Suite 193, Redmond, WA 98052. Phone: 689-6964.