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Principles set for next RTA ballot

RTA ballot The next proposal to voters for regional transportation improvements in the Central Puget Sound area will be smaller, less costly, built within a shorter time frame, and may support transportation priorities beyond transit, according to a set of guiding principles adopted by the Regional Transit Authority Board.
    The board also adopted a revised budget further trimming staff and expenses in order to reach a fall 1996 ballot without additional revenue, and a package of legislative proposals to give the RTA more latitude in developing a transportation package.
    The set of nine principles commit the board to developing a proposal for transportation improvements that can be completed within 10 years, will require a tax rate no higher than that of the first proposal, minimize reliance on debt financing, and ask local communities to recommend priority transportation improvements.
    Limiting the tax rates and shortening the completion time would result in a significantly smaller total package than the March 1995 ballot proposal, approximately $3.5-$4 billion in total cost.
    The RTA is aiming to place a new Phase I proposal before the voters in the fall of 1996, allowing time to work with the Legislature, local jurisdictions, and the public in developing the new plan.