DEIS out for downtown Woodinville retail center

DEIS release by Jeff Switzer
The draft environmental impact statement recently released for TRF-Pacific's proposed downtown retail center gives some specific details and also hints at who the new retailers coming to Woodinville could be.
   The 67,000-square-foot grocery store "would properly be designated as a superstore with extensive inventory and specialty departments," the document says.
   Examples of businesses similar to the 130,000-square-foot home improvement store include "Home Base, Home Depot, and Eagle Hardware & Garden."
   "The [115,900-square-foot] junior department store would offer a limited range of general merchandise. Examples of such businesses in the Puget Sound area include Target and Mervyn's."
   A 10-screen multiplex cinema complex is also proposed for the site.
   The DEIS reiterates that developers and the city rejected the large mall theme and the more typical shopping center without public roads through the site, but are considering the project proposed by TRF-Pacific.
   The proposed Woodinville Retail Center would be located on several parcels located along NE 175th Street, not including Schuck's Auto Supply, Firestone, Taco Time, Napa Auto Parts, the King County Credit Union building, Pennsylvania Woodworks, AMS Sporting Goods, Sno-Wood Veterinary Hospital and one residence.
   The project consists of 400,000 to 440,000 square feet of retail space on 43.44 acres.
   Approximately 350,000 square feet of that would comprise four anchor stores.
   Smaller multi-tenant buildings would be located along NE 175th Street housing small-scale specialty retail and services "similar to existing non-automobile-oriented uses along NE 175th Street."
   Parking and parks are also a significant part of the proposed development, adding in 2,300 parking spaces and 2.5 acres of pocket parks.
   The 0.5-acre wetland and its 25-foot buffer at the north end of the site would be preserved in their current state.
   Two new roads would be constructed through the site, providing access between Woodinville-Snohomish Road, 140th Avenue NE, and NE 175th Street.
   In addition, the project proposes to relocate and upgrade the existing railroad crossing to four lanes, 250 feet to the west of where it is now, lining up with the north-south road through the project.
   According to the DEIS, the TRF-Pacific's primary objective is to "develop a commercially viable, pedestrian friendly, flourishing retail service and entertainment addition in the downtown Woodinville commercial core."
   Related goals include: blending the development with the existing downtown; meeting the visioning goals of the "old town USA Main Street" theme; being pedestrian and bicycle friendly; expanding the existing "small-town ambience;" improving the existing traffic situation; and producing a profit for the owners, developers, and tenants, while offering an affordable occupancy cost.
   Comments on the DEIS will be accepted by the City of Woodinville's Planning Department until Dec. 21.