Guest Column

Changing the world--one life at a time

Salvation Army by The Salvation Army
Salvation Army bells have been a Christmas tradition in the Northwest for over 100 years. The bells ring out a message of help and hope. With each ring of the bell, with each gift that you give, The Salvation Army changes the world--one life at a time.
   An underprivileged child's world of poverty will become brighter this Christmas as gifts from the Salvation Army strengthen family ties while reaffirming the true Christmas spirit of love and hope.
   Qualified low-income parents select a new toy for each of their children at Salvation Army Christmas Centers and also receive vouchers for a traditional holiday meal.
   A world of loneliness awaits many during the holidays if not for The Salvation Army. Volunteers visit isolated senior adults, hospital patients and residents of rest homes and government institutions providing comforting words and small gifts so no one is forgotten at Christmas.
   Throughout the winter, The Salvation Army eases the world of despair for families in financial crisis.
   Salvation Army emergency assistance helps families with rent, utility bills, food, clothing and other basic needs.
   The homeless find a warm place to sleep and the hungry find nutritious food at Army shelters. Battered women and their children find safety from harm at Salvation Army domestic violence emergency shelters. Drug addicts and alcoholics discover the world of sobriety at the Army's adult rehabilitation centers.
   You'll be hearing from The Salvation Army this holiday season, and when you do, help them change the world. Please drop a donation into a Salvation Army red kettle or mail it to The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 9219, Seattle, WA 98109.