Be children's most positive role models

Northshore schools "Why do you live in Woodinville?"
   Usually, the first or second reason is "the schools." Stop and think about it. Remember when you realized your children were spending more time at school than with you! Suddenly, the quality and location of the school became issues in your life. Big issues.
   Do you live in Woodinville for the Northshore School District? We do. Lake Washington's levy was voted down in February 1994. In our minds, that community did not support its own schools. We sought a community that did.
   Come February 1996, state law requires the School District to seek our support again for its 1997 and 1998 financial requirements with a school levy ballot. The request just announced for that ballot is actually lower than what was approved in 1994. Amazing!
   Your vote will be required. If you've not yet registered to vote, any library or school has a person to help you. If you're not registered by January 6th, you'll be out, again.
   If getting to the polls is a hassle, King and Snohomish Counties will provide you with an absentee ballot. You can even become a permanent absentee voter, and be all set for future elections.
   If you don't do anything, you've failed the 19,000-plus children seeking an education in our schools in the next three years.
   We expect much from them. Be their most positive role models.
   Do your homework, be prepared for Feb. 6th and support this effective, efficient Northshore School District of ours.

Jane Gunwaldsen, Woodinville