Both sides of incorporation campaign the same

city incorporation I noticed during the recent campaign that at least one candidate felt it was very important to call attention to the fact that another candidate had worked on the anti-incorporation side during Woodinville's incorporation.
   This makes me want to ask: Where were you and what were you doing during Woodinville's three incorporation campaigns (the first two not supported by a majority of the citizens)?
   And more importantly, what do you find dishonorable about having been on the anti-incorporation side?
   Anyone who paid close attention and maintained an objective viewpoint during that campaign had to notice one thing about the pro- and the anti-incorporation sides: They were exactly the same!
   Both sides wanted only the best for their community. Both worked hard toward this end.
   A reasonable person could have had reasonable doubts about which way to vote. That's why the vote was so close all three times.
   I look forward to reading on these pages of an end to squabbling and the beginning of a concerted effort across the board to help Woodinville achieve what is important to the community.

Lynn Mitchell, Duvall