Down & Dirty, Part II

planting Many hands made short work of Down & Dirty, Part II, planting around 375 native plants in about two hours on Nov. 18.
    We want to thank the 67 volunteers from the community plus the other event planners (Chris Mayo, Kin County Parks; Mary Wohleb and Doug Miller, Surface Water Management; Ray Heller, Stream Steward) and support persons (Councilperson Louise Miller; T.C. Pritchett and Terry Lavender, Water Tenders.) In all, there were 75 of us there.
   Thanks also to Water Tenders for the bagels, hot dogs & buns, chili, Kudos bars, juice, coffee, and veggies; SWM for the potato chips and hot cocoa; and Odwalla (the makers of gourmet juices) for pure bottled water from the first run of their new line of geo-thermal spring water.
   We had cream cheese from Albertson's (frozen unopened tubs left from their donation to Down & Dirty, Part I in July.)
   Water Tenders is thrilled to welcome our new Bear Creek Buddies, Scout Troop 571 of Redmond, who want to be involved in the continuing maintenance of the newly-planted Whitlock Property.

Ellouise Pritchett, President, Water Tenders