CPT protecting investment in lifestyle

coalition Final approval is yet to be given for construction of two development: the strongly-opposed MPDs/UPDs, Blakely Ridge and Northridge, on 2000 acres of forested land east of Redmond, on both sides of Novelty Hill Road.
   Those housing developments and their supporting services and businesses would create a huge urban island, the size of the City of Woodinville.
   Think of the loss of so much rural land in east King County, the traffic problems, and the damage caused by water, sewer, and power lines driven through sensitive lands, connecting the new cities with the city of Redmond.
   Fortunately, because King County has failed (over eight years) to consider the interests of residents of the Bear Creek community, a group of competent residents has formed the Coalition for Public Trust (CPT).
   Its goal is to block construction of those MPDs, either by convincing a majority of the King County Metropolitan Council that this is wrong, or by going to court.
   This will be expensive, but those who have chosen to live in the region ought to look upon the CPT as an insurance agency, which will help to protect their investments and lifestyle, and should invest in it to the extent their pocketbooks will allow.
   Information can be obtained by phoning its Redmond offices: 206-689-6964.

Paul Beeson, Redmond