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Committee appointed to work on civic campus planning

civic center by Jeff Switzer
A broad-based collection of individuals has been selected, nominated, and "volunteered" to start to determine the needs and uses for a Woodinville Civic Center Campus.
   The City of Woodinville is currently working towards an agreement with the Northshore School District, deciding whether to purchase the C. O. Sorenson School and the Woodinville Annex, which the district has declared surplus, for use as a Community Civic Center.
   The City Council approved at their Nov. 13 meeting a group of individuals to act as a steering committee to examine the needs and feasibility of the Sorenson complex as a Civic Center.
   The 26-member Civic Center Citizens Committee is made up of residents, business owners, and community activists and leaders.
   The committee has met twice, and is preparing for two community-wide meetings on Dec. 12 and 19, to be held at 7 p.m.
   At their first meeting on Nov. 16, the architects for the project, Easters and Kittle, asked the committee what images they associate with Woodinville and how they and their families would use a community/civic center.
   At their second meeting, the committee divided itself into sub-committees to tackle finances, site-use, building issues, and public interaction:    The city has nearly completed its due diligence process, finding out the condition and costs of upgrades to the complex if the city chooses to put a bond issue before the voters to purchase the 10-acre site and its buildings.
   The committee will be working with the greater community to integrate the needs and desires into the civic center and ultimately work towards a bond issue, if the site is to be purchased.
   The Civic Center Citizens Committee will be working with Easters and Kittle and the Granger Group to bring the issue to the City Council and the Planning Commission in February 1996.
   Residents on the committee are: Kern Kyes, Larry Pinnt, Peter Tountas, Bruce Allen, Barbara Grube, Bernard Moore, Frank Lionel Roberts, Kathy Bergstrom, Larry Chime, Phyllis Keller, and Hossein Barahimi.
   Business and Civic Group members are: Pamela Stewart (Synergy); Glen Kelly (Barbershop owner); Gretchen Garth (Teen Northshore); Marianne Legerfo (Northshore Senior Center); Don Julian (Woodinville Library); Carol Edwards (Woodinville Weekly); Gladys Berry (Woodinville Historical Society); Julie and Grant Davidson (Farmers' Market); Glenda Mitchell (Kiwanis); Ruth Fusaro (Chamber of Commerce); and Catherine Howard (Woodinville Roundtable).
   From the greater Woodinville area are Stuart A. Clarke and Teri Malinowski.